Where do I start? What an experience!!! There now follows a gap of about 1 1/2 hours whilst I try to order my thoughts

Have you ever had a brilliant holiday, then gone back to the same venue next year? Or perhaps had a brilliant meal in a restaurant and then revisited it; and in both cases it just wasn't the same?

This was my worry with UDE2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have never worried. It was f*****g brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be  perfectly honest, the only reason I signed up was that Stanton was going to be there for all five days!! But in retrospect I would have done it just for Geoff and Jason. They were superb!! What a blast!!!!! SUPERB!!

Expletives defy me. I'm still coming off a high.
Respectfully, yours as ever.

Phil James
UDE 2010

Had a brilliant time at the UDE 2010, learnt so much. Cheers for putting it all together

Carlton Pope
UDE 2010

Just wanted to say how amazing an experience the UDE was.  Life changing. Not only have I learned more than I could ever have hoped for, I’ve made great new solid friends.   The course was organised to perfection.  Power to you in getting all those amazing sessions running like clockwork and having such amazing mentors.  Looking forward to next year already.  We’re all still buzzed about it!

Best wishes

Michael Scott
UDE 2010

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for an amazing week. I will definitely be doing it next year!!!

Lewis Searle
UDE 2010

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed last week! It was good to hang out with everyone and make a lot of new friends. It went too quick though! I thought the teachers complimented each others styles well and I felt like they were on our level if you know what I mean. Just hanging out at the bar with them every night was worth the money itself! They made everyone feel comfortable.

Daniel Pearson
UDE 2010

Just to say again a big thank you for getting me to the course. I really enjoyed it and have received some great feedback from the students. For the first time I felt comfortable doing this kind of thing and feel now I have a plot when doing these as to what to play and say so thanks for that also.

Geoff Dugmore
UDE 2010

Mike, killer.  Want  to email you to say thanks again for having me and I did in fact have a great time. It was a blast hanging with you and all the guys.  Very enjoyable and I learned a lot myself.   I hope every one got something from what I was teaching.

Stanton Moore (teacher 2009 and 2010)
UDE 2010

"To work alongside Mike, Steve and Ralph this year was so much fun. The week was a real journey for not just the students but the instructors too. Anyone worldwide looking at pushing your playing and your ambitions to the next level should really take a long look at this course, its up there with the best there is, we all had a blast !!"

Craig Blundell
UDE 2009

"I just wanted to email and say what I fantastic time I had on the Ultimate Drum Experience last week - I really enjoyed every second and I'm sure everyone else has said the same!
..thanks again for organising it - I really loved it, and found the whole week totally inspiring - it's definitely given me plenty to be getting on with!"

Dave Jennings
UDE 2009

"The Ultimate Drum Experience 2009 was a well organized and inspiring event that was one of the highlights of my year. I found the drummers that attended the week-long event were highly motivated and willing to work hard at developing their drumming abilities, which made them a pleasure to teach. I enjoyed working with all of the members of the excellent teaching staff and the student body was quite high-level.

Mike Dolbear is to be commended on this stellar "drum-camp.""


Steve Smith
UDE 2009